Group Exercise Classes

Charlotte Athletic Club has an array of classes to fit your fitness style! 


CAC Cycle

Pedal your way through this choreographed workout to a better body and increased cardiovascular fitness. Utilizing heart rate zones, resistance variables, and speed drills, this class will have you training like a pro in no time. All levels are welcome.

Cycle Sculpt Express

This interval style class combines the heart-pumping, adrenaline boosting effects of a cycling workout with the body toning, cross benefits of upper-body weight work and core strengthening. No impact required; results guaranteed and you’ll back to the office before the boss. That equals one great midday workout! All levels are welcome.

Boot Camp Cycle

An interval circuit that combines athletic conditioning drills with cycling to create a total body conditioning and cardiovascular workout like no other. All levels are welcome.


Power-X Training

You’ve seen it on TV as “P90x,” now experience our version of this intense workout. Be prepared to sweat while strength, plyometrics, and cardio intervals all combine to create an all around workout. All levels are welcome.

Express Abs

Just fifteen minutes is all you need to tighten your core and get one step closer to that six-pack torso. This mini class compliments any workout. All levels are welcome.


Deep Stretch

Focuses on releasing tension in your muscle groups and encourage flexibility in order to lengthen the muscles that have been over tightened and/or shortened. This class is a restorative and relaxing way to letting go, while complimenting Power Yoga and any athlete’s training program. This class is for all levels.


Barre Class

Pilates matches up with Ballet Barre to help develop the strong, lean legs and abdominals of a dancer while building coordination, balance, and proper alignment.


Yoga Basics

A great place to start! This is a perfect class for the novice as well as seasoned practitioners looking to learn alignment and form. It is a beginner class that moves at a slow pace to help you build a solid foundation.

charlotte athleticVinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa flow classes are based on fluid movement, synchronizing breath and posture. This is a dynamic style in which the movements flow together like a dance, invigorating the mind and body while increasing body heat and building stamina.

Power flow yoga

Power yoga is a vigorous approach to vinyasa flow yoga. Expect to sweat by building and maintaining heat through pranayama (breathwork), vinyasa, asana and bandha. This is the perfect class for everyone looking for the next level to vinyasa flow.


Pilates Mat

Based upon the concepts developed by Joseph Pilates, this series of mat-based exercises will strengthen the abdominals, glutes, and lower back. The perfect injury prevention addition to any fitness goal and is great for participants of all fitness levels.

Power Pilates

This mat-based pilates class will strengthen, stretch, and challenge your entire body, especially your core. It’s an ideal complement to all sports and fitness regimens, and the benefits will be felt by any participant, from beginner to advanced.


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